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13 February 2009

Service Learning Trip :D

What do feel about the trip and why do you feel that way?

When I first heard about the trip, I was certainly quite sceptical at first. I knew that there was definitely going to be some difficulties and obstacles throughout this learning journey. This Service Learning Trip will actually be my first Bicultural Trip and so I am really unsure about the procedures and the main objectives of the trip. However, as I was thinking through, I realised that I wanted to achieve something by making a difference in the lives of others. I want to prove to others about the willingness that I have to go the extra mile and help those in need. Therefore, it seems that this trip would be an excellent opportunity to try and be exposed to global situations, especially the countries that are less fortunate than Singapore.I have never been to Cambodia as well, and so I would like to reflect on the hardship that is being portrayed in the lives of the Cambodians. It is never the same when you simply read through articles and stories about these Cambodians, as compared to living the reality itself. Thus, these are the feeling that I am having towards the trip. I do feel that it is a great eye-opener but at the same time, everyone has to be prepared to handle whatever that lies ahead.

What are your personal goals for the trip?

For me personally, I want to try and make a difference in the lives of the Cambodians, no matter how small or insignificant it is. I feel that putting a smile on a person's face simply brings about happiness and so I hope that during this trip, I can try to put a smile on everyone. The task is definitely not an easy one but it is something that I hope to achieve as part of the gaining new experiences and being more open-minded about issues. I am certain that this trip will be a fruitful and a knowledgeable one as I seek to gain more perspectives pertaining to global situations.

23 January 2009

"Nothing Succeeds Like the Appearance of Success"

Hey everyone! I am back to blogging after quite some time :D Anyways, for this post, I will like to address the issue on dressing for success. Does looking good prove to be an intangible asset?
Is it a personification of yourself to others around you? Or is it simply how you want to portray your true self as?

Well, personally I believe that our appearance will be something that everyone will judge on since it is something that is upfront and easy to spot. People who are judgmental always tend to perceive others judging from their behavior, personality and most importantly, their outfit. In the 21st century, a modern era, our societies tend to be biased against looks and appearances. if you show a stunning, beautiful and attractive lady compared to an average, nerdy and sloppy woman, a male employer will pick the former as his employee without any hesitation. The male employer obviously has his judgments solely based on appearances and not even the qualifications of his employees.

'Just months ago, you could get your foot in the door of many an employment office sporting a tattered sneaker. Talent was king.

But job hunting now has become a buyer's market.

For many employers, a crisp and businesslike appearance again is an expectation.'

A few verses that I had obtained from an article titled:

"Dressing for success for job interview more vital than ever"

I truly agree with this statement to a certain extent but I feel that we cannot assume that everyone has the same views and perspectives about this issue. I feel that some are really fair in what they believe in. Some in our society have the right mentality about judging people and they judge these people correctly. Assumptions should never be made especially if one is not 100% sure.

In light of the controversy surrounding this issue, should people be judged by their

No Way! I am strongly against be judged and so I do not see the reason why others have to judge people. They are just living on false information and not entirely what they feel may be true in anyway. These made-up stories might cause gossips amongst some and many other unnecessary problems might stir up simply due to a lack of accurate information. On the same note, those who are applying for job offers and interview programmes ought to dress appropriately as well, not just clad in some shorts and a tank top.

To summarize my sentiments briefly, everyone has a part to play in reflecting or rather portraying a proper and clear image of yourself so that others will not judge us so often. We should maintain a certain level of standards and expectations and we should live up to it. Just remember, the lasting impression is not always something that is good. It is all in the perceptions of people who notice and comprehend.


24 December 2008

Vacation Highlights :)

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds everyone in the pink of health. The holidays are coming to an end real soon and I would like to end it with a post that summarizes my thoughts and feelings over this period of time.

First and foremost, I had gone for a trip to Kuala Lumpur for about 5 days from 27 November to 1 December. My family and I had stayed in a very high-class hotel that must have cost a bomb. That was the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. We chose this hotel as it was really convenient. The hotel was practically connected to the main shopping mall known as the KLCC. Thus, we were really at ease since everything was mainly of walking distance. There was nothing much that I had gained because the whole trip was solely on eating and shopping. I had an enjoyable time picking out new outfits and purchasing things school necessities like pencil cases and school bags. The quality of the food in Kuala Lumpur was really good and there were many authentic cuisines that I loved such as the Thai food, the Peranakan dishes as well as the Chinese buffet. The best part was that everything was halal and I could indulge in anything and everything that I had set my eyes upon. It was a well-deserved break for me as I could let my mind loose and I could just 'sit back and relax', without having to worry about my Algebra homework or my Malay composition :)

During this December holidays, I truly feel that I have gained tons of new experiences. I had gone to the zoo with my family during mid December. It was nice to see the animals and all. I was really interested in the conservation programmes that were being held for certain animals due to their endangerment. It made me think and reflect for a while. Some of these wonderful creatures have lost their natural habitats, been hunted either for consumption purposes or for fashion items and some have even been under the serious threat of poaching. I was deeply moved when I saw these animals like the polar bears, the manatees, the white tigers as well as the sea lions. These beautiful creatures had a form of connection with us human beings. I felt that they were trying to show us how magnificent they are and that they are undeserving of how humans have mistreated them over the past few years.

The experience at the zoo was a marvel for me as I got to understand the nature of these unique animals and I could feel the sense of urgency that they were having. The urgency for everyone to make a difference in the world of the Animal Kingdom so that all of us will benefit it one way or another. Thus, it was a fruitful experience for me as I got to strengthen the bonds with my family members as well. We had a ball of a time together and I truly felt connected with my family during this family outing together.

New perspectives. This holiday period had allowed me to rethink on all my views. I had changed a couple of my views but I would like to describe just one of those perspectives which I had attained after reading a book entitled 'How Will I Know?' by Sheila O' Flanagan. Let me give everyone a brief summary of the whole book.

Claire Hudson,a 35-year-old lady, fell for Bill Hudson when she was just five years old. First, they were best friends, then lovers, then husband and wife, then parents. But the love affair ended when tragedy struck and Bill was snatched away in an out-of-control jet ski accident while they were on holiday in Jamaica. In the three years since, Claire has devoted her life solely on her daughter Georgia. However, what teenage Georgia needs now, Claire just cannot give her- advice on boys. There's only one solution: Claire's going to have to start dating. Claire is willing to try anything- from Internet Lonely Hearts to theatre trips with hunky wasp exterminators. What she has not reckoned on is that the people she meets will have their own complicated reasons for being there- and that her safe little world might be about to change in the most unexpected ways...

When I read this book, I was really inspired by the aggressiveness and the determination of Claire. She had lost her on true love on a vacation together and ever since she has created a wall that separates herself from the outside world. She chooses to stick to her comfort zones and she is determined not to let anyone have an influence on how she was going to lead her life. As the story progresses, it portrays how some of her views and opinions had began to falter and change as she learnt the process of letting go. It was truly a tough time for Claire Hudson, having to juggle the problems of her teenage daughter, Georgia, tackling the pressure from her friends at the Locum Libris company where she had worked as well as her parents who had a very complicated relationship and were planning to split up. Claire felt that all these problems were very mind-boggling and she was really stressed up with her life at a certain point of time.

Throughout this book, I have learnt that we should never let anyone get control of our lives except for ourselves. We should choose how we want to live it. People may cast various opinions of us but in the end it is not their perspectives that matter but it is how we feel about ourselves. Feelings and emotions play a very important role in living life to the maximum. I have learnt to be firm in what I believe in and that I should not be simply 'swaying around' with other people's views. I ought to be proud of what I feel and I should not let anyone overpower me, like how Claire Hudson was. Problems and obstacles will come and go but we should never let our guts down. We live today as if it was the last and we treasure every single moment of it. When tomorrow comes, that's when we tackle it. I feel really motivated after reading this book as I really discovered the true meaning of the word 'trying' . You will never know till you try something. We should be able to muster up some courage and go all out in trying new things. It makes us a much better person as it makes us an all-rounder in every way.

This proves to be my source of motivation for the Xinmin Scholars' programme. I will take everything in good stride and I will always encourage myself to do everything to my highest potential. I strongly believe that 2009 will be a year for me to see how high I can soar and how far I will go to persevere in what I believe in.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone an advanced Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all of us strive for the best in this upcoming year:) Cheers to all!

" Think only from the highest vision of yourself and you will be amazed at your creation."

" Do not lower your goals to the level of your abilities. Instead, raise your abilities to the height of your goals."
-Swami Vivekananda

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